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"What is statutory rape?"

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The Panelist said:

The problem is determining the age when a person IS capable of giving informed consent to sex. Determining that age is so difficult that the laws are different for each country, and in different parts of the same country!

A Reader Responds:

I believe that the age of consent for sex was set by the law in concern that "young people who are not emotionally or mentally able to make right mature decisions concerning sex."

Why The Laws Exist

Because a child can be "manipulated" by an adult to believe it is ok for her to do sexual favors for the man/woman. Most commonly, the grown adult will say to an under age female something along the line "your parents don't treat you like an adult... you are grown up, you know what love is... your parents are over controlling, etc..."

The statutory law was setup for parents to be able to protect their children from manipulation. Do you agree?

When a man or woman is above the consent age, the law no longer protects them because "they should know better" than to be manipulated.

It's An Arbitrary Number

But the age of consent is an arbitrary number generated from what the society believe when a person "should know better".

It's Not A Guarantee

Therefore there is no guarantee that a 20-year-old woman will have the mentality nor emotional maturity to make the right decision concerning sex.

I guess what I feel is that, on a "moral" issue... the concept is still the same. If a person manipulates another for sexual favors, it is "concensual rape." Just morally, not lawfully.

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