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Am I just jealous or is she a slut?


Dear Damned Confused in Dakota,


I agree – she can't blame it on the booze.

Sounds like your girlfriend is using alcohol as an excuse for her flirtatious manner.

Mistakes are made when people are drunk. But mistakes are something you learn from – not do constantly.

She Refuses To Change

In my opinion, your girlfriend could change, but refuses to do so. So you have 2 options:

Leave Her...

The first option is to leave her. If you really can't handle the situation, then there is no point in trying to get over your jealously. It is there for a reason. You can't change a person.

...Or Accept Her

The second option is to accept her the way she is. Like I said earlier: you can't change her. Either get over it, or accept it. And unfortunately if you don't find a way to overcome your jealousy, she will leave you.

Ask her this: how would she feel if you acted the way she does while drinking?!? Would it make her jealous, too?!? If it does, then maybe you two can come up with a compromise. If it doesn't, then you are definitely in trouble!

Mel She's the Flirty Type, You're the Jealous Type


Flirty?? Is that the politically correct way of saying that she's a SLUT?

Some people just can't help who they are.

She's the flirtatious kind and maybe you're the jealous kind.


That's right, I'm flirty, and a bit of a slut, too.



Now you have to figure out if those two characteristics can mesh well in your relationship. Unfortunately, the only way for that to happen is one of you will have to sacrifice a natural instinct.

If you really love this girl and she isn't willing to change, you've got to bite your tongue.

I really think you can find a girl that isn't as complicated as this, but only you can make that choice.

Hope I've helped,


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